20 Hot Tub Gift Ideas For The Hot Tub Owner In Your Life

If you know someone with a hot tub or swim spa, you might be struggling to find the perfect holiday gift. If so, you’ve come to the right place.

In this post, we’ll list some of the best hot tub gifts for the hot tubber or spa owner in your life.

1. New Hot Tub Cover

Is your loved one’s old hot tub cover falling apart? Is it faded and cracked? If so, chances are, they need a brand new one.

If your friend’s current hot tub cover is showing signs of wear and tear, then it’s probably less effective than it used to be in insulating heat and providing protection.

So, consider adding a hot tub cover to your holiday list.

2. Hot Tub Speakers

Help the hot tub or spa owner in your life enrich every soak session with great music.

Whether they want to jam to tunes alone or with a group of friends, they can do so with Bluetooth hot tub speakers.

Some speakers even come with a microphone, giving your loved one the ability to make phone calls or do other tasks hands-free while they go for a soak.

3. Hot Tub Steps

Having a sturdy set of steps can make climbing into a hot tub much easier, even in taller tubs.

If your friends constantly have to climb just to get into their hot tub, steps can make all the difference in helping them safely get in and out.

Some steps even come with storage compartments, which allow your favorite hot tub or spa owners to stow their other spa accessories.

4. Cantilevered Umbrella

If your friends have an outdoor hot tub or spa, a cantilever umbrella would be a great gift. Cantilever umbrellas will provide shade and protection from the elements.

The added layer of protection will also block out rain and snow.

That way, your hot tub or spa owner friends can still enjoy their soak no matter the weather conditions.

5. Towel Warmer

The hot tub is an inviting oasis on cold nights. But getting out of the tub in the cold air isn’t quite as fun. This is why a small, portable towel warmer can be such a useful gift.

A heated towel can help make the end of soak sessions more comfortable for your beloved hot tub or spa owner.

6. Caddy Space

Maybe your friend or family member wants to enjoy a snack or drink during their splash in the hot tub.

But unfortunately, most hot tubs designs don’t provide a flat enough surface to safely hold food or drinks.

Spa caddies are a welcome solution because they attach securely to the side of the cabinet for easy use.

7. Waterproof Playing Cards and Board Games

Waterproof playing cards and board games like checkers and chess provide the perfect way to bring your friend’s favorite games to the hot tub with them.

The floating water provides an ideal surface to play games, similar to a table.

8. Spa Startup and Maintenance Kit

Every hot tub needs proper maintenance to ensure it stays clean and in tip-top shape.

A startup and maintenance kit can be especially helpful for new hot tub or spa owners who aren’t sure what they need to get started.

9. Hot Tub Cover Lift

Putting the hot tub cover on and taking it off can be a tiresome task, especially if your friend or family member is constantly using their swim spa.

As a result, they might end up leaving the cover off. This, in, turn, causes leaves to collect and heat loss.

Using a hot tub cover lift, your loved one can easily move the cover on and off. Plus, it keeps the cover in great shape.

10. Pillows and Backrest

One of the many things hot tub or spa owners don’t think about with their new investment is comfort.

Sure, hot tubs are already comfortable and cozy. But pillows and headrests add a new level of comfort to the hot tub.

Proper lumbar support and a soft surface for the head enhance the therapeutic benefits of a soak in the hot tub or spa.

11. Towel Rack

Sometimes we overlook things that can come in great handy. That’s the case with a towel rack. Your loved one may just throw their towel on the ground.

This can result in dirty, damp, or crumpled towels. Using a towel rack, their towels will have a proper place.

Plus, with a designated rack that sits on the side of the hot tub, your friend’s towels will be close by.

12. Spa Side Patio Heater

When the weather outside is cooler, but your loved one still wants to soak in their hot tub or swim spa, a free-standing heater can keep them feeling warm and toasty.

This extends the swim spa use in weather that might make your friend hesitant to go for a workout or soak.

A patio heater can be an excellent gift because of it…

Provides instant warmth

Patio heaters create inviting warmth to those soaking in the hot tub or swim spa without having to wait for elements to heat up. Your friends will experience instant toastiness.

Is low maintenance

A patio heater can be the perfect hot tub gift because it’s low maintenance, which means your friends will enjoy it without having to worry about upkeep.

Keeps the festivities going

Frigid nights, frosty winters, and brisk chills aren’t a problem with a patio heater. Your friends can still enjoy themselves, especially when hosting guests.

13. Spa Aromatherapy

When your family member or friend settles in for a nice soak in the hot tub, they’re looking to relax and forget about their troubles.

Aromatherapy products can make their experience even more relaxing.

Essential oils, bath bombs, Epsom sales, and even candles (if used safely) can truly enhance their soak.

14. Underwater Light Show

Light up your loved one’s hot tub for the perfect evening ambiance with a floating underwater light show.

As a result, it’s an ideal hot tub gift for the spa owner in your life who loves to entertain.

A floating light shows that projects an array of multi-colored light patterns is a sure way to wow guests.

15. Handmade Hot Tub Signs

Custom hot tub signs are a great way to decorate your friend’s outdoor space and personalize the hot tub experience.

Whimsical hot tub signs can add humor and lightheartedness.

And because you can personalize these signs, they can make your loved one feel like you really put some thought into the gift.

16. Hot Tub Chemicals

While your hot tub friends may already have some chemicals on hand, it never hurts to have another set.

Sanitation and water balance are two important components that ensure the cleanliness of the water. But not only that, hot tub chemicals can also help extend the life of the equipment.

17. Bug Zappers

Your loved one’s outdoor tub will likely have some uninvited visitors, especially during the summer months.

Some find the traditional methods of repelling bugs like tiki torches, citronella oil, or insect sprays to be smelly and smoky.

But patio bug zappers can be effective in keeping insects at bay without the unpleasant smell and chemicals.

They work by luring in flying insects and killing them on contact.

While this isn’t the most glamorous hot tub gift, it can provide a practical solution for a pesky problem.

18. Beer Pong Set

Your loved one likely goes to their hot tub as an escape from daily stress. What better way than to do that with beer pong?

A game of floating beer pong can bring even more fun to the hot tub experience.

19. Garden Lights

Help your favorite hot tubber transform their backyard with some beautiful garden lights.

Lightening creates mood, atmosphere, and turns an outdoor space into an oasis. Plus, lightning adds an element of safety.

That’s because it brings visibility, which is especially beneficial at night after the sun goes down.

20. Inflatable Drink Holders

It’s important to stay hydrated while in the hot tub. That’s because hot tubs cause you to sweat, which means you lose more water than you take in.

So, it can lead to dehydration, especially with extended use. Your hot tub or spa owner friend can use an inflatable drink holder.

That way, their drink will be right next to them for their convenience.

Bonus Hot Tub Gift For New Hot Tub or Spa Owners: A Spa Service or Installation

When it comes to something big like a hot tub, it can be easy to lose sight of the types of hot tub gifts you can give a hot tub or spa owner.

Hopefully, this list we’ve put together can give you some inspiration.

Or if you’re feeling really generous this holiday season, you can gift the spa owner in your life a spa maintenance package or brand-new installation.

That’s what we can do. Here at Jacuzzi Hot Tubs of Manitoba, we perform service, maintenance, repairs, and hot tub and swim spa installations.

If you or your loved one is in need of hot tub installation or service in Manitoba, feel free to contact us today.

You can also request service now by filling out this simple form.

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