The Best Small Hot Tubs – An Ideal Addition to Your Backyard Oasis

If you’re in the market for a small hot tub and are trying to find the perfect match for your lifestyle, you’ve come to the right place.

Choosing your hot tub is a big decision! Whatever you choose, you need to absolutely love it because it’ll be with you for a long, long time once it’s installed.

We want to take the stress out of finding your dream spa, so in this article, we will explore the top five benefits of small hot tubs and highlight some of our favourite options to elevate your backyard.

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How Do I Choose The Right Hot Tub?

If you’ve already settled on a small hot tub, you probably already know about the importance of your needs and available space when it comes to selecting your model.

Small hot tubs can range anywhere from three-person models up to five, giving you some flexibility when it comes to meeting your unique needs.

To make finding your hot tub even easier, here are some additional things to consider as you browse through your options.

1. Your budget

Hot tubs are an investment, and each one will come with its own unique price tag based on what features are included in the base model and which optional features are available to add on.

Knowing your budget will help you narrow down your options, so you have a solid starting point.

Something to consider when setting your budget is that many dealerships, such as Jacuzzi Manitoba, include financing options to make affording your dream hot tub even easier.

Furthermore, many offer promotions throughout the year, making it even more affordable to get the features you need or save money on your purchase.

2. Your Lifestyle

A small hot tub can do many things and is capable of improving many lifestyles, however, there are some aspects to consider when choosing your model.

For instance, if you like the idea of sharing your hot tub with your close family and friends, you may want to consider a model with slightly more seating, such as a five-person hot tub.

However, if you enjoy spending time alone or prefer to end your evenings with a quiet moment of relaxation with your partner, a three-person hot tub would be a great fit.

Additionally, your hot tub will require some maintenance to ensure your water is crystal clear and safe to soak in, so how much time you have to care for your hot tub will be something worth considering as well.

Some models include advanced filtration systems, making it easy for even the busiest professionals to enjoy their hot tubs with minimal work.

3. Your Goals

This may seem odd… after all, how is a hot tub going to help you get that promotion you’re eyeing?!

While that’s a goal we certainly commend, we’re talking more about your emotional and physical goals.

Are you trying to slow down this year and reduce the stress you’ve been under?

Is self-care something that you’re working on including in your daily routine?

Or, maybe you’re one of the nearly 8 million Canadians struggling with chronic pain and want to find natural ways to help provide some relief.

These goals can all be supported with a hot tub, and which model you choose will need to support the underlying purpose you’ve given it.

For example, if you struggle with pain in your lower back and hips after standing all day at work, investing in a hot tub that doesn’t target those areas wouldn’t be very helpful.

This is why it’s so important to know exactly what your goals are when investing in this hot tub.

Having a clear understanding of what you want it to support you with will ensure you can critically look at each feature to ensure you’re investing in one that can easily help you achieve your goals.

5 Benefits of Small Hot Tubs

Small hot tubs may be compact, but many of them include a robust range of features that many hot tub buyers are seeking.

Better yet, these hot tubs provide the same amazing benefits you’d find in their larger counterparts, simply with a smaller footprint, making the powerful benefits of hydrotherapy more accessible to everyone, free from restrictions!

Here are some other benefits small hot tubs offer that others simply can’t.

1. They Fit Nearly Any Backyard

With their compact size, small hot tubs are easy to fit into small backyards, making it easy for people to enjoy the soothing benefits of their hot tubs even if they’re limited to a small space.

2. They’re Easy to Fit Indoors

If a private indoor installation appeals to you, a small hot tub is one of the best ways to achieve that.

Due to their compact size, they can easily fit into an existing room, making it easier than ever to maximize the privacy and accessibility of your hot tub.

3. They Provide the Ultimate Intimate Setting

These small models make it easy to create an intimate backyard escape to share with your loved ones and make it easy to reconnect and prioritize quality time in the most relaxing way possible.

4. Great for Solo Time

After a long day, finding ways to give back to yourself and recharge is essential, and small hot tubs make it easy for everyone to up their self-care time with a quiet moment away from their busy schedule.

5. Affordable

Being compact, these models are more affordable than many on the market, making them great options for nearly any budget.

Better yet, with various options, investing in a smaller hot tub can give you the flexibility to upgrade your spa in the ways you need, minimizing the need for compromises!

The Best Small Hot Tubs For Your Backyard

2-3 Person Hot Tubs

Some of the smallest hot tubs on the market are designed to seat two or three people, making them the ideal way to create the ultimate intimate atmosphere in your backyard.

Their compact size also makes them a great option for indoor spaces as well.

Here are some of the best 2-3 person hot tubs on the market.

a small hot tub in a backyard with a white stone wall behind it


This 3-person hot tub may look small, but once you’re inside, it’ll feel anything but compact!

With a semi-lounge seat spanning one side of the spa, you’ll be able to lift the weight off your entire body, giving your hips and lower back the break it needs to decompress and recover after a long day.

The J-215™️ has three unique jet combinations, giving you plenty of options to target your pain, no matter where it is.

With jets placed to target your upper shoulders while others soothe from your neck to your hips, you’ll be left feeling refreshed and relaxed after each session.

Standing on your feet all day? This model has two powerful jets at the end of the lounger to ease your aching feet and give them the luxury treatment they deserve after a long day at work.

A small hot tub with a brown cabinet in a garden, surrounded by green plants


The J-315™️ is a 3-person hot tub that will leave you in awe.

With its ProAir™️ semi-lounge seat, your entire body, from neck to toes, will be treated to the ultimate hydromassage.

From the HydroSoothe™️ Massage Pillow to the jets targeting your aching legs, every muscle in your body will be left completely relaxed.

Making this model even more alluring is its four-stage filtration system, with the optional upgrade to a five-stage system. Not only will your water be cleaner, but maintaining it will be easier than ever!

4-5 Person Hot Tubs

If your needs extend beyond 3-person models, but you still require a smaller hot tub, then a 4-5 person spa may be the answer you’re looking for.

These models offer a moderate amount of room that gives you more flexibility where you need it, and with unique designs, it’s easy to find one that meets your needs.

Here are some of our favourite 4-5 person hot tubs.

The J-225 - a small hot tub in a green backyard


The J-225™️ is the most affordable 4-person hot tub in our showroom and includes unique seating options to give you maximum flexibility when sharing it with your closest friends.

With a pivot bench seat hugging one corner of the spa, and three comfortable up-right seats along the other edges, creating the ultimate conversation hotspot will be easy.

With four jet configurations, targeting your pain will be easy as you lean back for a quality hydromassage and enjoy quality time with your favourite people.

A small hot tub with a black shell on top of a small deck


This Jacuzzi®️ hot tub will never leave you wanting more, with an impressive range of features to easily meet all your needs.

The J-335™️ will wash away all your aches and pains as you lean back in the full lounger and experience an unmatched massage, as the jets target your shoulders, back, wrists and calves with expert precision.

With two jetted foot wells, everyone in your spa will be able to enjoy a quality foot massage from any seat.

That model provides maximum flexibility with a total of five jet configurations.

With an impressive array of jets that are unique to each seat, targeting the muscles that need relief the most has never been easier.

Small Hot Tubs For Sale in Winnipeg

Whether you’re looking to create the perfect intimate backyard to share with your loved one or simply want to find a hot tub that can meet your needs without taking up a lot of space, Jacuzzi Manitoba has what you need.

With a wide range of options and expert support, our team can take care of everything for you, from finding your dream model and preparing for installation to providing unmatched hot tub services to care for your spa, we do it all.

With two convenient locations in Winnipeg and one in Brandon, our team of professionals is ready to help you with all your hot tub needs.

Visit your local showroom today to get started, or call us, and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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