How To Manage Your Stress With Hydrotherapy – Ultimate Guide

Stress has become a regular part of everyday life for many people across Canada. With inflation on the rise and our ever-changing economy, everyone is feeling pressure.

When left unmanaged, stress can throw our entire system out of balance, negatively affecting our mental, emotional, and physical health.

Finding natural and effective ways to manage your stress and find a better balance isn’t always easy but investing in a hydrotherapy hot tub can be one of the most beneficial answers you may find.

Hot tubs have been proven time and time again to have positive effects on people’s stress levels, giving them an accessible way to relax and unwind right in their backyard.

How Hydrotherapy Hot Tubs Help with Stress

Hot tubs use a treatment technique called hydrotherapy.

Hydrotherapy is a therapeutic way to treat and heal the body with water. This can be done with water at any temperature but is most effective when done with warm water due to the effects heat has on the body.

Our Jacuzzi® Hot Tubs have maximized the effects of hydrotherapy by combining it with hydromassage through strategically placed jets that gently massage your body, providing even more healing and stress relief.

With many models offering adjustable jets, you can tailor your massage to your individual needs, capitalizing on the relaxation and therapeutic benefits.

The buoyancy of the water, as well as the precise temperature and the stable pressure of the jets, help relax sore muscles, remove the pressure from your joints, and improve circulation. All these critically affect your body’s ability to function and combat life’s stressors, maintaining your health and well-being.

Hot tubs can help to reduce your stress in multiple ways that may surprise you. Here are some of our favorite hot tub benefits to help you manage your stress and feel your best!

Better Sleep Quality

One of the most beneficial aspects of a hot tub is its ability to help promote better sleep. Spending as little as 20 minutes in a hot tub before bed can substantially affect your sleep quality.

When you’re in your hot tub, the water slowly heats your body, which creates a temperature fluctuation when you finish your session and begin cooling off. This change in temperature signals to your brain that it’s time to sleep, making it easier for you to drift off.

Hot tub hydrotherapy also helps relax your body and mind, releasing tight muscles and providing an escape from your otherwise busy schedule.

When you take a few moments out of your day to give back to yourself through a rewarding self-care routine, you can calm your mind and stop the racing thoughts you experience during the day.

You’ll be able to maintain this relaxed state after you finish your spa session and will be able to fall asleep faster because you’ve quieted your mind and released the stress responsible for its constant stimulation.

Pain Relief

Pain is often closely linked with stress levels, so if you’re experiencing an increase in pain or have developed a chronic soreness in your joints or muscles, it’s likely because of stress that’s been left untreated.

Spending time under warm water can have a lasting effect on your pain levels. The warm water helps your muscles release the tension they’ve been holding and promote relaxation, allowing them to rest and recover from the constant strain they’ve been under.

Release Endorphins

When you submerge yourself underwater, you’re creating weightlessness in your body that removes pressure, giving your joints time to rest and recover while stimulating better blood flow as the heat increases your circulation.

While the water removes the pressure from your body, it also creates a gentle compression around your entire outer body, like a warm hug.

This compression helps release ‘feel-good’ endorphins that will ease your body’s system into a state of pure relaxation while leaving you feeling comforted and calm.

With the popularity of weight blankets, it’s clear that this experience has powerful benefits.

Hot tubs take this a step further by using the heated water and the gentle pressure of the jets to increase the compression in targeted ways that have long-lasting effects, even after you leave the water.

5 Tips For Using Your Hot Hydrotherapy Tub for Stress Relief

While simply relaxing in your hot tub can be beneficial in managing your stress, there are ways you can amplify the effects, helping maximize the stress relief you’ll experience and making it last long-term.

1. Use It Regularly

Using your hot tub occasionally will have an effect on your stress levels short term, helping your stress melt away for the evening. However, for long-lasting support, you should use your hot tub on a regular basis.

How often you relax in your spa will depend on your schedule, but taking just 20 minutes out of each day to give back to your body can significantly impact the quality of your stress management.

Whether you choose to use your hot tub in the morning, helping you wake up with a gentle soak as you ease into your day, or you reward yourself with a relaxing massage after a long day before bed, the choice is up to you.

The important part is to use it regularly and stick to your schedule. This will give you the most beneficial experience and will make managing your stress easier, supporting your emotional and physical health for years to come.

2. Try Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy can be a powerful addition to your hot tub sessions.

Traditionally, aromatherapy is used by applying essential oils to the skin or through the use of lighting a stick of incense and allowing its scent to fill the room.

To include aromatherapy in your hot tub session, you’ll want to ensure you use hot tub-safe aromatherapy products.

Traditional oils can cause damage to your filters or negatively affect how well your jets run as the oils stick to the pipes and surfaces of your spa.

Usually, hot tub-safe aromatherapy products will be a liquid you add to the water or a bath bomb that’s been made specifically for use in spas.

For a detailed breakdown of aromatherapy scents and how each one can benefit you, we’ve covered everything you need to know in this blog.

3. Discover Chromotherapy

Chromotherapy is the use of colored lights to influence how one feels. Different colors trigger different emotions.

Using lights during your hot tub session can make relaxing and letting go of stress even easier.

This can be as simple as adjusting the color of the waterfall on your spa, like the extra-wide illuminated waterfall on the J-475TM.

Or, add RGB string lights above your hot tub that can be set the perfect color to meet your needs on any given night!

Some of the best colors for stress relief include blue and green, while purple can help you manage anxiety, and orange can evoke feelings of happiness and give you a boost of energy.

4. Create an Escape

Your backyard should be your escape from the outside world. A place you can go to release the stress of the day and feel safe and comfortable.

Creating a space that can instantly help lift the weight off your shoulders when you walk into it is essential in maximizing the stress relief benefits.

Experiment with your space, and turn it into something from your dreams.

Consider adding lush, vibrant plants to create a lively space that makes you feel like you’ve just stepped into a jungle retreat, or hang some dim lights to create a quiet, romantic atmosphere.

Consider adding privacy solutions to your backyard, like an elegant gazebo or vine-filled lattice, to block out the outside world and make finding peace and relaxation easy.

Worrying about prying eyes, nosey neighbors, or street noise should be the last thing you deal with while you relax and unwind in your spa.

5. Listen to Music

Music has a powerful influence on how we feel and can be the deciding factor in how well you’re able to relax while in your hot tub.

Consider investing in a BLUEWAVETM Spa Stereo System to enhance your stress relief.

Simply connect your phone via Bluetooth and lean back as your favorite relaxing music whisks your stress away, and the bubbling water and jets massage your tense muscles, washing away the stress you’ve been feeling.

Ease Your Stress Away With a Jacuzzi® Hot Tub

Life wasn’t meant to be riddled with stress, leaving you feeling exhausted, anxious, and simply “making it through.”

There is so much more to it, and investing in a hot tub to transform your backyard into your favorite escape can be the perfect way to manage your daily stressors, helping you live a healthier, happier life with ease.

With three locations throughout Manitoba, including two in Winnipeg and one in Brandon, long-term stress relief is just around the corner.

The friendly team of professionals at Jacuzzi® Hot Tubs of Manitoba can help you find the hot tub that bests suits your needs.

With full-service options, we’re with you from the moment you purchase through the lifetime of your spa. Visit your local showroom today, or contact us to make relaxation easy.

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