Spring Cleaning Your Outdoor Hot Tub Installation – 4 Steps

Spring is a time of new beginnings. And, in keeping with that theme, it’s also a time for a little bit of elbow grease. After a long, hard Manitoba winter, there are a few things you’ll need to do to get your outdoor living space ready for the warmer months.

Let’s take a look at the things you should have on your to-do list this year.

1. Clean Your Spa

Whether you use your spa year-round or shut it down for the winter, spring is a great time to give it a thorough cleaning.

Of course, you can schedule an appointment with your spa dealer to have a technician take care of the cleaning for you, but if you’d rather do it yourself, this step-by-step guide can help:

The Cover

Use a non-abrasive cover cleaner and warm water to clean its surface before applying a vinyl protectant. If you have a cover cap you can skip the last step.

The Filter

Replace the filter if it’s more than a year old. New units can be cleaned by spraying between each fold of the filter with a hose.

The Tub

Drain your spa, wipe it down and then use a non-foaming cleaner before rinsing it out.

The Water

Refill your spa and test and adjust the water levels as needed with your spa chemicals.

2. Clean Your Patio Furniture

Your patio furniture is bound to be grimy after months without any use. It’s not hard to get them back into tip top shape, though. Here’s a quick guide to help:


Plastic, metal or iron patio furniture can be cleaned with warm water and mild soap while wicker should be treated with oil-based soap. Wood furniture can simply be wiped well with a damp cloth.


If your furniture is looking a little worn, a makeover is in order. Lightly sand and re-stain wooden furniture for a fresh look. Wicker, metal or iron can receive a major lift with a few coats of spray paint.


If your cushions are looking ratty, it brings down the look of your patio furniture. Buying new cushions and pillows can give old furniture a whole new lease on life.

3. Clean Your Barbecue

Ice and snow can cause damage to gas and electrical outlets and leave your barbecue dirty. A few simple steps will have it ready for a new grilling season:


Ensure wiring is undamaged, outlets are clean and gas lines are intact. Disconnect lines before cleaning.


Use a metal-bristled brush to clean the hood and sides of your barbecue and wipe the walls and hood down. Soak grill and grates and then scrub them clean with your brush. Rinse and dry all parts prior to putting them back into the barbecue.

4. Clean Your Yard

Winter in Manitoba can also do a number on your lawn and other outdoor spaces, but an hour or two of work will have it looking good again.

Clean Up

Rake up dead leaves and remove branches, gravel and other debris from your yard, gardens and pathways. Rid your gardens of last year’s dead plants if any remain and sweep your patio and walkways.

Ready Your Lawn

Re-seed bare patches and fertilize your lawn either with mulch or with a more traditional chemical option. Make sure you use a light hand with the fertilizer, however, so you don’t encourage weed growth.

With all of that hard work behind you, it’s time to sit down, relax and enjoy the fruits of your labours.

Jacuzzi Hot Tubs of Manitoba

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