How To Change Your Spa Water and How Often

Many people are surprised to learn that their spas need to have their water changed on a fairly regular basis.

After all, your swimming pool doesn’t need to be drained or cleaned, so why does your spa need all of this extra effort?

The fact is, without regular maintenance, your spa can quickly become unsanitary, putting you and your family at risk.

However, you do need to find a healthy balance between changing it often enough to keep your spa running well and not needlessly wasting water.

How Often Do You Use Your Spa?

The more you use your spa, the more often you will need to change it. Every time you take a dip into your spa, sweat, oils, soaps, sunblock, and other debris enter the spa along with you and end up staying in the water.

Your filtration system can only filter so much, which is why regular water changes are so important. Think of it as hitting the reset button on the quality of your water and cleanliness of the spa.

You can’t simply ignore your spa in hopes that you can avoid needing to change it regularly. You didn’t get a spa just to not use it! A good rule of thumb is to change it every three to four months, but you will definitely need to change it more often if you have more guests in it or you use it more frequently.

When in doubt, you can both visually inspect it and also use test strips to determine the quality of the water and to check if it is balanced or not. If you find that your spa is developing a foul odor, has a cloudy appearance, or your test strips are coming back with not-so-great results, it might be time to change the water sooner than you had originally anticipated.

Changing Your Spa Water

Before you begin, you’ll want to make sure you switch off the power and the circuit breaker to your spa. This is for your safety to ensure it doesn’t turn on while you’re cleaning it.

Next, find the drain valve and start the draining process.

If it doesn’t have one, you may need a pump. Fortunately, with the right hot tub accessories, keeping your spa clean and sanitary should be a cinch.

Next, you’ll want to remove the filter and thoroughly clean all trapped debris from it and its housing.

You’ll want to carefully scrub all surfaces of your spa next to remove all buildup from it.

Give it a thorough rinse to remove all cleaning products and remaining debris from it, then replace the cleaned filter.

Finally, you’ll want to refill your spa for your next use.

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