Spa Supplies Every Hot Tub and All Season Pool Owner Needs

If you want to enjoy your time in your hot tub or all-season pool to the fullest, you’ll need to keep some spa supplies on hand for cleaning and convenience.

To ensure you have everything you need, we’ve compiled an essential list of the necessities.

1. Spa Chemicals

If you want to keep your spa’s water safe and clean, chemicals are a must. Here is what you’ll need not only to sanitize your water but to ensure your spa stays in good working order.

Test Kit

Keeping a testing kit on hand enables you to test your water to see what chemicals need to be added.

pH Balancer

Acidity in the water can fluctuate. To keep it even, add pH up if your water tests low or pH down if it tests high.

Stain and Scale Control

Detergents, lotions, cosmetics and body oils can cause scum and build up on your spa. This product will keep that problem in check.

Bromine Tablets

One of the most important products in your chemical arsenal, bromine is used to neutralize bacteria and sanitize your spa’s water.

Hot Tub Shock

Shock is also a key player in keeping your water clean and clear. It’s main purpose is to remove or prevent foam and cloudiness.

Filter Cleaner

Your spa itself gets most of the love, but don’t forget your hard working filter. A filter cleaner should be used monthly to keep your filter free of dirt and grime.

2. Cleaning Supplies

Chemicals can’t do the job alone. That’s where cleaning ‘hardware’ comes in. You’ll need:

A Spa Net

You really can’t get by without a good-quality spa net. This will enable you to remove debris from the water.

A Vacuum

The bottom of your spa also needs attention. A spa vacuum will keep the bottom free of dirt.

A Filter Flosser

While not essential, this tool can make cleaning your spa cartridge filter much easier. It evenly disperses water spray to clean between the filter’s folds.

3. Spa Accessories

When it comes to convenience and making your spa use easier, these spa accessories are our top recommendations:

Spa Cover

A spa cover will not only help to keep the water clean, it helps your spa maintain its temperature. So, not only will you need fewer chemicals to keep your water clean, it can lower your energy bill.

Cover Lifter

Covers are heavy. Having a lifter will not only save you from hurting your back, but it also makes removing the cover a one-person job.


While not essential, steps make getting in and out of your spa much easier. It can also be a safety factor because the area around your spa can get slippery when wet. Adding steps to the side will help prevent falls from getting in or out of the spa.

Your spa or all-season pool will work well year after year with the right care and maintenance. Having the spa supplies for your spa is essential to enjoy your spa for many years to come.

Best Spa Supplies at Jacuzzi Hot Tubs of Manitoba

Our goal at Jacuzzi Hot Tubs of Manitoba is to help you have the perfect spa experience. And that’s why we sell only the highest-quality hot tubs and all-season pools. No matter what style or size you’re interested in, we’re sure to have something that will meet your needs.

Visit us at either of our Brandon or Winnipeg showrooms to check out our stock, shop for spa supplies or to learn more about our hot tub maintenance service.

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