6 Replacement Hot Tub Parts You Need to Have in Mind to Make Repairs Effortless

Whether you’re a first-time hot tub owner or have been enjoying yours for many years, it’s important to be prepared for any issues your hot tub may have. Keeping a few basic hot tub parts on standby for when you need them can save you a lot of headaches in the future!

While hot tubs are expertly designed, nothing lasts forever, and eventually, certain parts of your hot tub may start failing or experience faults that will require attention.

If you’ve noticed your hot tub isn’t performing as well as it should, you may have to perform a quick inspection of your unit to determine what could be causing the performance issues.

If your hot tub is performing poorly, and it’s being caused by a damaged part, it needs to be caught and repaired right away. If damaged parts go unnoticed or repairs get put off, you risk facing more extensive damage and costly repairs when you finally start working on a solution.

If you want to be ready for any issue that can arise with your hot tub, keep reading. In this article, you’ll find everything you need to know about the replacement hot tub parts you should have on hand and how to know when you need them!

Why Do Hot Tub Parts Fail?

While hot tubs rarely fail, there are some parts which will wear down over time. Many of the parts that make up your hot tub’s inner system come in contact with your water, exposing them to your water treatment chemicals.

When your elements are subject to these chemicals, they can wear down over time. This is especially true if they’re exposed to improperly balanced water too often.

The quality of your water will have varying effects on the breakdown of your hot tub parts, and if your water has become corrosive or is over-treated with your chemicals, it can quickly become a problem for your parts.

Your parts will wear down over time regardless of their environment. However, how quickly this happens and how often you find yourself making repairs will be closely linked with your water quality and how well you care for your spa day to day.

Some steps you can take to be proactive in maintaining your hot tub parts include:

  • Testing your water regularly
  • Keeping your pH and alkalinity in balance
  • Avoid over-treating your water with chemicals
  • Following a strict maintenance routine
  • Including a professional hot tub service

6 Replacement Hot Tub Parts You Should Have

When properly maintained throughout their lifetime, hot tubs can provide years of entertainment and enjoyment. In fact, they have an impressive lifespan that ranges anywhere between 15-20 years!

Part of your regular maintenance should be a thorough inspection of your spa and repairing or replacing parts at the first sign of trouble. This will help keep your hot tub in good working condition and save you money by fixing any issues before they become larger, more expensive problems.

This is why it’s so important to have some extra hot tub parts stored away. By doing this, you’ll be prepared for any issue that arises, making it easy to fix on the spot without needing to put it off until you can purchase the new part.

1. Water Pump

This is one of the most common parts of your hot tub that will need to be replaced over time, however, sometimes, you can perform a simple repair of one of its parts to fix the issue.

For example, the seals in your pump can begin to break down, resulting in leaks. Often, once you replace these seals, your pump will stop leaking, and you’ll be back up and running.

However, at some point, your water pump may begin to sputter and die out, unable to properly move the water through your system. If this is the case, your pump will likely need to be replaced entirely.

In general, your water pump has an expected lifespan of seven to ten years. This means that if your water is properly maintained, you should only have to replace your pump once or twice throughout the lifespan of your hot tub.

2. Heating Element

Your heating element is constantly exposed to your water, causing it to corrode over time.

While properly balanced and treated water will help minimize the risk of this happening, your heating element will need to be replaced at some point in your hot tub’s life span.

Heating elements typically last five years, so you’ll need to replace them periodically throughout the time you have your hot tub. To maximize their lifespan, ensure your water is properly treated and that you inspect them for any small damage each month.

3. Jets

Over the lifespan of your hot tub, your jets may wear down and need to be replaced. If your jets have moving parts, they may break down and need to be replaced more frequently than those that don’t.

Oftentimes, the seals around your jets will wear down, or they may develop corrosion from your water. This is especially true if your water is often left unbalanced. Occasionally, you’ll be able to quickly repair any damage to these seals, however, if the jet itself is damaged, it will need to be replaced.

In well-maintained water, your jets should last you around seven to ten years.

4. Filters

Your filters are essential in maintaining the cleanliness of your water, and over time, they wear down and will need to be cleaned or replaced.

Having extra filters on hand can help you easily add new ones to your spa when your existing ones have become overloaded with debris or have developed rips or tears in their pleats.

Filters will need to be replaced once a year, however, to maintain their effectiveness throughout the year, you’ll need to clean them periodically.

Your filters will need to be rinsed once a week, sprayed with filter cleaner every month, and soaked in a cleaner once every 3 months.

5. Your Spa Pillows

When you first invest in your hot tub, it’ll come equipped with top-of-the-line, quality spa pillows lining the top of each seat.

These pillows ensure you can lean back and enjoy your relaxing massage in the most comfortable and supportive way.

These pillows, however, will break down over time, mostly due to the constant exposure to moisture and chemical gases. To minimize the damage they sustain from their natural environment, try to wipe them down once a week with a microfiber cloth.

In general, your spa pillows will last you up to five years. Luckily, replacements are relatively inexpensive.

6. Your Cover

Your hot tub cover is essential in maintaining the temperature of your water and protecting it from the outside elements. It’s also the one aspect of your hot tub that will have a direct effect on your energy bills.

If your cover is compromised or damaged, heat will escape from your spa, and your heater will have to work harder to keep your water up to temperature. This takes a substantial amount of power, and you’ll quickly discover your energy bills rising.

Your cover will need to be washed regularly, especially on the underside. This will help maintain it long-term, extending its life.

The underside of your hot tub cover is always exposed to moisture and chemicals, so it’s important to clean it each month. This will reduce the risk of mold forming and will slow the rate of the fabric breaking down from chemical exposure.

There are many covers to choose from, and each one will have its own expected lifespan. Traditional covers generally last up to five years.

If you’re looking for a longer-term solution, consider investing in a Covana hot tub cover. These covers are designed using more durable materials, giving them a better lifespan that can match that of your hot tub.

How to Know When Your Hot Tub Needs a Part Replaced

Knowing when your hot tub is in distress can save you ample amounts of time and money and minimize the damage being spread to other areas of your spa.

While some issues are easier to diagnose than others, there are some common signs you can watch for that will help you catch issues early on.

  • Foul-smelling water
  • Cloudy or foamy water
  • Puddles of water
  • Fluctuations in water temperature
  • Changes in jet pressure
  • Any strange or loud noises from your pump
  • Low water levels

How Can You Make Your Hot Tub Parts Last Longer?

Replacement parts can get expensive if you have to replace them at frequent intervals, and nobody wants to be spending more than they need to.

Taking proper care of your hot tub can easily keep it in its best condition and minimize the damage your hot tub’s various parts sustain during their lifetime.

While early diagnosis is key in minimizing widespread damage and costly repairs, preventative measures are where you’ll make the most difference.

Follow a Regular Maintenance Routine

Following a well-planned maintenance routine will help you greatly extend the lifespan of not only your hot tub parts but of your hot tub itself.

Creating a thorough maintenance routine will include tasks that need to be done weekly, monthly and yearly. While that may initially sound daunting and intensive, many of these steps are easy and take up very little of your time when done regularly.

Keep Your Water Balanced

Testing your water should be done every few days to maintain your water balance and effectively treat it with your sanitizing products.

When testing your water, you should be getting a reading on your spas:

  • pH levels
  • Alkalinity
  • Sanitizer levels

This will help you keep your water healthy, minimizing damage to your spa and maximizing your enjoyment!

Drain and Clean Your Spa Regularly

This is imperative to maintaining your hot tub long-term. Over time, your water will become overloaded with treatment products, making it more difficult to maintain your water balance. This can wreak havoc on your spa if left unmanaged.

You should be fully draining your spa every three months and performing a deep clean on your shell to remove any buildup that’s accumulated over the last few months. This is also a great way to perform a thorough inspection of your hot tub to ensure your shell hasn’t sustained any damage.

Book a Professional Service

A professional service is for more than just diagnosing issues and making repairs. These services can be used to perform general maintenance on your hot tub and even your water.

By having your hot tub routinely serviced by a professional, you’ll significantly increase the chances of minor issues being caught and repaired early and extend the life of your spa and its parts.

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