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For centuries, people have prized the health benefits of hot water hydrotherapy. But modern technology lets average families enjoy convenience and benefits our ancestors could not have imagined. The famous baths of ancient Rome couldn’t be installed in backyards and didn’t come with adjustable massaging jets.

Calm Mind and Deep Sleep

Research shows that soaking in hot water adjusts the nervous system to relax your body and brain. The bubbling doesn’t just sound good – it also pushes air into the water. This increases buoyancy, which takes pressure off your muscles and joints, helping them relax. Feel-good hormones and chemicals flow through you, producing that relaxing hot tub buzz. Tension and anxiety ease away, and the sense of calm and well-being lasts for hours after you step out of the hot tub. That deep physical and mental relaxation is why hot tubs have been proven to improve sleep patterns. You’ll fall asleep faster, sleep more deeply and wake feeling more rested.

Better Blood Flow

The hot tub’s warmth and massaging jets strengthen blood flow and the cardiovascular system. Regular use of hot tubs improves blood circulation and blood pressure – two very important factors for general wellbeing and healthy aging.

Reduce Inflammation and Chronic Pain

The improved blood flow and calming hormones from regularly using a hot tub help to reduce inflammationThis is one of the reasons why hot tubs help with pain relief. Studies show that regular use of hot tubs helps alleviate the pain and discomfort – and the stiffness – associated with rheumatism, arthritis and fibromyalgia and other ailments.

Hot Tubs and Weight Loss

Better blood flow and reduced inflammation help to improve digestion, which makes meals more satisfying. And with better sleep and mood, you’ll be less tempted to comfort eat. So, it makes sense that hot tubs help appetite control and weight management. Science shows that hydrotherapy also reduces peak blood sugar after eating and it boosts metabolism, making you burn more calories.

Outdoor Swim Spas

Weight loss benefits can be magnified by adding exercise to your hydrotherapy. An outdoor swim spa is an all-in-one hot tub, small pool and aquatic treadmill that fits elegantly into your backyard. Swimming against the current lets you enjoy a great workout in a compact space with no impact on your joints. SwimLife outdoor swim spas’ adjustable jets let you exercise at the intensity you choose. Start with a weak current and make it stronger as you become fitter. After your workout, relax in the seating area with the massaging jets and take advantage of your relaxed muscles and joints by doing some gentle stretching.

How Much Do Swim Spas Cost?

Inground swim spas are becoming increasingly popular, but above-ground, in-deck, and edge-deck installations also work well. Jacuzzi Manitoba staff are happy to discuss what would work best for your yard and your budget. A SwimLife swim spa is the premium swim spa brand. Upfront costs are a bit higher, but SwimLife swim spas are durable, energy efficient and safe, with lifetime running and maintenance costs that are lower than many competing brands. 

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