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How Much Do Swim Spas Cost in Canada?


Swim spas offer the ultimate outdoor experience in fitness and relaxation.

Based on the benefits they offer, the decision to purchase a swim spa is an easy one. Settling on a brand and what size to purchase, however, is a little more complex. As with most important purchases, knowing how much you will need to spend to get what you want is key to making the right decision.

How Much do Swim Spas Cost?

In Canada, swim spas range anywhere from $6,400 for low-end models to as much as $29,000 for a high-end unit. A mid-range spa usually costs between $12,000 and $19,000.

Lower-Budget Swim Spas

If you decide to buy a swim spa at the lower end of the price range, be sure to purchase it from a reputable dealer. Ordering from a random supplier online could leave you stuck with an inferior product that lacks decent warranty coverage for repair costs. 

In general, a good quality swim spa on the lower end of the price spectrum will cost at least $8,000 for a 10-foot unit and up to $12,000 for a 16-foot model.

Mid-Range and Upper-Range Swim Spas

The main difference between medium-priced and higher-priced swim spas is size, not quality.

Mid-range spas tend to be 17 to 18 feet in length while those in the upper price bracket are about 21 feet long. Both versions offer comfortable seating and lots of room for exercise, but the more expensive models also feature customizable controls and are a little more streamlined.

Indoor vs. Outdoor Swim Spas

Choosing an indoor or an outdoor swim spa often comes down to preference more than price, although you can expect to pay more to have an indoor model installed.

Installation of an outdoor swim spa includes digging a hole in your yard (if it is an in-ground model) and setting up a power source.

With an indoor swim spa, you can expect to also pay for proper ventilation and possible structural upgrades to support the weight of the unit.


Few people can afford to buy a swim spa outright. That is why many dealers offer custom financing plans to help you purchase the spa of your dreams. Tailored to suit your budget, monthly payment plans make the purchase of mid and higher-range models possible for many homeowners.

Hot Tubs for Sale at Jacuzzi Hots of Manitoba

Finding the right swim spa at the right price does take some work. But, by matching up the features and style you are looking for with your price point, you can easily narrow down your choices. Choosing a reputable dealer like Jacuzzi Hot Tubs of Manitoba is also vital to long-term satisfaction with your purchase.

Our experts are always on hand to answer questions and help you find the unit that is right for you. Jacuzzi Hot Tubs of Manitoba offers competitive pricing on all our above-ground and in-ground swim spas. Visit one of our three locations or fill out our contact form to talk to one of our swim spa experts.

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