SwimLife™ All Season Pools in MAnitoba

Swim Spas and all season pools
at Jacuzzi Manitoba

All Season Pools and swim spas provide the perfect balance of fitness, exercise, rest, and relaxation. These modern spas offer users an all-in-one package that fits right in their own backyard. Jacuzzi Hot Tubs of Manitoba is proud to provide our customers with a wide range of SwimLife™ SwimSpas at all three of our locations. Whether you’re a casual swimmer or an athlete in training, these spa-pool hybrids are ideal for getting both the benefits of a vigorous workout in the water and the blissful peace, quiet, and relaxation that comes with a hot tub – all in one place!

Choose from a Variety
of Models and Sizes

All Season Pools and swim spas come in a wide variety of models and sizes, offering customers a vast amount of choice based on their needs, budget, lifestyle, and fitness goals. Current sizes include 12′, 14′, 17′ and 19′ for available swim spas. In the SwimLife™ SwimSpas line, this includes SwimFit™ and SwimExpert™ and means that everyone from athletic swimmers who train daily, to those who just like a good workout in the water, will find a model that suits their needs at a price that suits them.

Swim Spa Financing Options Available

To help make the payment for a swim spa (also known as an all season pool) more comfortable, we offer financing for all available models. Our team of backyard leisure experts would be more than happy to help you work out a financing plan that suits your budget if you’re looking to pay in regular instalments, rather than upfront. Contact us or apply for financing here. Our online financing application is quick, simple and available 24/7.

All Season Pool Health Benefits

Weight loss benefits can be magnified by adding exercise to your hydrotherapy. An All Season Pool is an all-in-one hot tub, small pool, and aquatic treadmill that fits elegantly into your backyard. Swimming against the current lets you enjoy a great workout in a compact space with no impact on your joints.

SwimLife outdoor swim spas’ adjustable jets let you exercise at the intensity you choose. Start with a weak current and make it stronger as you become fitter. After your workout, relax in the seating area with the massaging jets and take advantage of your relaxed muscles and joints by doing some gentle stretching.