How to Reduce Your Stress with a New Year’s Resolution

With the New Year coming around, everyone is starting to think about their resolutions. While many people opt for resolutions to eat better or exercise more, others may be thinking about ways to reduce their stress. Jacuzzi Hot Tubs of Manitoba has compiled a list of stress-reducing resolutions that you can do this New Year’s!

Enjoy Aromatherapy with the J-225™

The J-225™ is great for those people who want to enjoy a more relaxing aromatherapy experience. All you need to do is put in a few drops of aromatherapy products designed for hot tubs of your choosing into your J-225™ and relax. Aromatherapy has been proven to reduce stress levels. Some aromatherapy blends also help you get a better night’s rest! The J-225™ has an occupancy capacity of five people, but you can always enjoy it alone too. Other features of the J-225™ include:

  • 23 total massage jets
  • Three ergonomic seats with headrests
  • One bench seat

To learn more about the J-225™, please click here!

Enjoy Chromatherapy with the J-475™

The J-475™ is great for people who want to enjoy the serenity of soothing lights. The J-475™ has an extra-wide illuminated water wall, accent lighting, and color touchscreen controls. You’ll enjoy the soothing lights as you melt away the day’s stress with the J-475™! The J-475™ has an occupant capacity of six people, and it even includes a full lounge seat. Other features of the J-475™ include:

  • 55 total massage jets
  • Low-profile foot dome with massage jets
  • Sleek, customizable appearance

To learn more about the J-475™, please click here!

Have Some Alone Time with the Bella MS™

Much of our stress comes from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, so getting some personal time may help reduce your stress. If you’re looking for a compact and personal hot tub, then the Bella MS™ is the tub for you. The Bella MS is a two-seat hot tub but really shines as a single-person tub. Other features of the Bella MS™ include:

  • LED lighting
  • Two ergonomic seats
  • 14 total massage jets

Jacuzzi Hot Tubs of Manitoba Can Help You De-Stress

Finding the perfect hot tub for the New Year may seem difficult, but Jacuzzi Hot Tubs of Manitoba is here to help you!

Come visit our showrooms in either Brandon or Winnipeg, MB. We’d be happy to help you and discuss any of the questions you have about owning a hot tub.

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