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The decision to buy a hot tub comes down to your lifestyle. Does it fit within your budget? Will your family use it often? Does your backyard have the right layout? There are many factors to address before taking the plunge and having one installed.

Before buying a hot tub, ask yourself these following questions:
    1. Can I afford a hot tub?
      2. Can I afford the care a hot tub needs?
        3. Is my backyard or home the right size for a hot tub installation?
          4. Will I benefit from fewer aches and pains, better sleep and reduced stress?
            5. Do I have enough time to care for a hot tub? If not, will I consider routine spa service?
              6. Will my family benefit from and use a hot tub?
                7. Am I willing to invest in a longer-lasting, higher-quality hot tub?
                  If you said yes to one or more of the questions above, it might be time to find the right hot tub for you. Speak with an expert at your local hot tub dealership to learn more about the prices, sizes and brands available to you.

                  HOW DO I CLEAN A HOT TUB?

                  The cleaning routine for your spa will depend greatly on the brand and model. Your hot tub should have come with a set of detailed cleaning guidelines for your specific spa. If not, you can reach out to the dealership or the manufacturer for more information. Although the care guidelines will differ from spa to spa, most need to have their water tested and balanced once a week. This helps to ensure that the water has the right pH and chlorine levels. You should also take this time to inspect the system for any physical damage or required repairs. Most hot tub filters should be rinsed twice a month and the water should be changed three to four times a year.

                  HOW MUCH DO HOT TUBS WEIGH?

                  How much a hot tub weighs will depend on the volume, size and material. Smaller hot tubs that seat two to three people can generally weigh as little as 2,000 lbs when filled with water, while larger six to eight-person hot tubs can weigh up over 5,500 lbs once filled. No matter where your hot tub is installed, you should ensure that you have a solid foundation that can support the weight evenly.

                  WHAT IS HYDROTHERAPY?

                  Healing and rejuvenating, hydrotherapy is a therapeutic technique that utilizes the soothing properties of warm, flowing water to bring a variety of health benefits to those who soak on the regular. The combination of heat, buoyancy and massage can help to relax the body, lift pressure from sore muscles and joints, and relieve built-up tension.

                  Some of the most sought-after health benefits of hydrotherapy can include:
                    • Improved sleep patterns
                      • Reduced feelings of stress and anxiety
                        • Relief of muscle tension
                          • Soothed joint pain
                            • Improved symptoms of arthritis
                              • Better post-injury recovery
                                • Bright and clear skin
                                  • Improved circulation
                                    • Eased aches and pains

                                    HOW OFTEN SHOULD I CHANGE THE HOT TUB WATER?

                                    The water in your hot tub should be completely changed once every three to four months. Even though your spa is treated regularly with water care products, changing the water several times a year can help to completely remove debris and gives your hot tub a fresh start. Changing the water can also help if it appears murky, cloudy or foamy.

                                    Each hot tub water change will consist of:
                                      • Draining the water
                                        • Cleaning the interior
                                          • Inspecting the components
                                            • Rinsing the cover
                                              • Refilling the water
                                                • Treating the water with care products

                                                HOW OFTEN SHOULD I CHANGE THE HOT TUB FILTER?

                                                Your hot tub filter should be changed once a year. For ongoing maintenance efforts, it should be rinsed with water from the hose twice a month to remove any surface debris and soaked overnight in a filter cleaning solution once every two months to remove dirt and debris that lay beyond the surface. For more information about caring for your filter or to find the right filter for your spa, speak with the experts at your local spa store.

                                                CAN SWIM SPAS BE USED IN THE WINTER?

                                                Swim spas can be used throughout the year, including the winter. Also referred to as “all season pools” and “all weather pools”, swim spas are built using strong and durable materials that can stand up to the harsh elements of winter with ease. Fully-insulated and heated, you can escape the snow and spend your free time soaking in the warm, jet-driven water. While not in the spa, place your swim spa cover on top to keep the heat trapped inside and snow on the outside.

                                                CAN SWIM SPAS BE IN-GROUND?

                                                Swim spas can be installed above ground and below ground. In-ground swim spa installations tend to take a little longer to complete and require a higher budget but can offer a more functional and aesthetically-pleasing result. Safety precautions should be taken to ensure that nobody slips and falls into the spa or around it.

                                                CAN YOU EXERCISE IN A SWIM SPA?

                                                Swim spas are built for recreation, entertainment and exercise. Most offer a built-in jetting system at one end of a large tank area that creates a stream of water strong enough to provide resistance for users to swim, walk or jog against. Users can also engage in other low-impact exercises in the tank area or with the use of optional equipment, such as rowers.

                                                ARE SWIM SPAS HEATED?

                                                Swim spas can be heated or kept at a cooler temperature. Each spa system will offer a control panel where you can set the temperature with ease. Some swim spas even offer a dual-temperature experience, where a separate area similar to that of a hot tub can be kept warmer, while the tank area is a little cooler.

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