8 Best Large Hot Tubs For a Big Splash in 2024

Have you been on the hunt for large hot tubs in Manitoba?

If so, you’ve come to the right place! Jacuzzi Hot Tubs of Manitoba are here to help you find the biggest hot tubs offered by the leading brand in the industry: Jacuzzi®️!

Read on to discover the hot tub of your dreams, and get ready to embrace cozy relaxation this upcoming winter!

Captivating Features of Jacuzzi®️ Hot Tubs

Since its inception, Jacuzzi®️ hot tubs have evolved into high-tech home spas outfitted with luxury features with one goal: to transform your hydrotherapy experience.

While some features are only available in certain collections, there are a few specific features that stand out above the rest and should be carefully considered when selecting your spa.

CLEARRAY®️ Water Management System

First and foremost is the standard water management system on most Jacuzzi®️ hot tubs: the CLEARRAY®️ UV-C System.

If you’re looking for a spa that makes water maintenance easy while reducing the amount of chemicals needed to keep your water clean and clear, this system has achieved just that.

Using the same technology as water treatment plants, this system combines UV-C light with oxygen, killing bacteria naturally and drastically reducing the need for excess chemicals!

The SmartTub™️ System

What if there was a way for you to check in on your spa during our freezing Manitoba winters, without having to brave the wind chill?

With the SmartTub®️ System, monitoring and controlling your spa can become easier than ever. All you have to do is unlock your phone and open the app!

This innovative technology transforms the way you interact with your spa and offers a host of features that will leave you raving.

  • Adjust the temperature
  • Fire up the jets
  • Set up automated schedules
  • Track energy efficiency
  • Monitors local weather to maximize energy savings
  • Alert your dealer when maintenance is needed

This system truly covers it all. Discover everything it has to offer in this short video:

Ergonomic Seating

Every element of a Jacuzzi®️ hot tub has been carefully designed to provide the best experience possible, down to the very shape of every seat.

Throughout your Jacuzzi®️ hot tub, you’ll discover ergonomic seats that have been crafted to follow the natural contours of the body to allow for a luxury soak.

While the curves hug your body, lifting the weight from your joints, the jets are strategically placed to expertly target the most common pain points with precision pressure.

Hydrotherapy Jets

Have you ever stepped out of a hot tub and felt your skin itch right where the jet has been massaging?

This is unfortunately not an uncommon experience for many spas on the market, with jets pushing too much water at too high of a pressure, irritating the skin.

However, with a Jacuzzi®️ hot tub, you’ll experience a comfortable massage that’s pure bliss, with every jet being precisely designed and backed by science.

The perfect mix of air and water provide a smooth flow while the pump delivers the optimum amount of pressure, ensuring you experience an unparalleled hydromassage from every seat.

The HydroSoothe™️ Massage Pillow

Speaking of hydrotherapy, the addition of the HydroSoothe™️ Massage Pillow on models throughout the J-300™️ Collection further elevates what you can expect from a spa.

Featuring two dual jets, this pillow cascades soothing water over your neck and shoulders, washing away tension to leave you completely relaxed.

Top Large Hot Tubs From Every Jacuzzi®️ Collection

Now that you know what’s in store for your very first soak, let’s dive into the reason you’re here: to explore the largest hot tubs from the Jacuzzi®️ Brand!

Without further ado, let’s discover your new dreamy oasis!

large hot tubs - semi-recessed hot tub outside in autumn

Huge Hot Tubs From The J-400™️ Collection

Our first stop is two stunning models from the J-400™️ Designer Collection, the most luxurious line-up this brand has to offer.

Every model in this collection features an exclusive high-back design that marks their elegance.

Offering additional privacy, adjustable pillows, and added height for taller individuals, this design element goes far beyond beauty.

So, what are the two biggest hot tubs in this collection?

J-495™️ Hot Tub

Easily the largest hot tub offered by the Jacuzzi®️ Brand, the J-495™️ model boasts a spacious interior that welcomes nine adults into its bubbling depths.

Designed with an open seating plan, this hot tub is the ultimate aquatic paradise for anyone who loves bringing people together for stimulating conversation and soothing relief.

Tucked into one side, you’ll be delighted to find a choice between two full-body massage options, each one targeting every muscle from your neck to your toes!

Stretching along another side is a unique bench seat for two, ensuring this model can quickly become an intimate escape for those one-on-one evenings with your partner.

Along the bottom, you’ll discover a raised jetted dome, offering a powerful foot massage to every person who enters into your spa, no matter where they sit.

The J-495™️ model is sure to exceed your every need, transforming your backyard into a haven of relaxation perfect for sharing!

J-485™️ Model

If you’re looking for something slightly smaller but don’t want to give up the exclusive design of this collection, the J-485™️ hot tub may be just what you need.

This square model has a footprint of 91” by 91” and features three different therapy seats, each offering a cluster of jets to target various muscle groups.

  • The FX-12 Therapy Seat: A full-coverage hydromassage that targets your neck, back, wrists and feet for a complete experience.
  • MX2 Jet Therapy Seat: A deep tissue massage for your lower back, paired with smaller jets to ease aching neck and shoulder muscles.
  • RX Jet Therapy Seat: A Swedish-style hydromassage with jets strategically placed to hug the major muscle groups of your back along your spine, while precision jets target your neck.

For added ambiance, switch on the stunning LED lighting and illuminated waterfall, engaging your every sense for complete relaxation.

To bring it all together, the J-485™️ model is wrapped in premium ProFinish®️ Cabinetry featuring elegant accent lighting, making it a captivating addition to any backyard space.

largest hot tubs by Jacuzzi®️ - a J-300 hot tub on a deck with mountains in the background

The Largest Hot Tubs in The J-300™️ Collection

This comfort collection provides a premium experience both inside and out, boasting innovative features you simply won’t find in any other collection.

These models are sure to catch your attention and leave your guests in awe as they step into your space and take in their sophisticated cabinetry, accent lighting, and dynamic seating.

Here are two of the largest models in this collection.

J-385™️ Hot Tub

If you have kids and want to bring aquatic fun to your backyard year-round, the J-385™️ hot tub may be just what you’re looking for.

With its open seating design, this hot tub offers plenty of room for your kids to splash around, or for you to share with six of your closest friends.

With a mix of therapy seats, you’ll be pleased to discover this model effortlessly matches your hydrotherapy demands day to day, even as your muscle tension shifts.

  • FX Seat: A full body massage experience, with a collection of pulsating or spiral action jets that treat aching back muscles, and powerful jets massage weary calves.
  • MX Seat: A hydromassage for anyone trying to combat back pain. Featuring a deep contour design and a cluster of three powerful jets to provide a deep pressure massage, back pain will be a thing of the past.
  • PowerPro®️ Therapy Seat: Offering complete control over your hydromassage, this seat features adjustable jets to match your ever-changing needs, and targets your neck, shoulders, back and calves.

If therapeutic relief is top of mind, the J-385™️ model is sure to far exceed your expectations while maintaining enough space to share the luxury!

J-375™️ Model

Have you been following along while thinking to yourself, “Where are the loungers?!”

If so, the J-375™️ spa is the model you’ve been waiting for!

It features a full lounger along one side of the spa, offering a massage experience you’ll crave coming home to.

With powerful jets to treat shoulder tension, two for deep relief along your spine, twin jets to soothe sore wrists and a line of jets to massage every muscle from your thighs to your feet, this lounger offers the ultimate full-body experience.

But the exceptional hydromassage doesn’t stop there–every seat in this spa boasts a unique pattern of jets to banish aches and pains to welcome you into a world of bliss.

Tucked into one corner, you’ll discover a seat outfitted with various styles of jets, each one providing one of two types of pressure.

While some offer a spiralling flow of water to provide a more natural feel, others provide a pulsating pattern of pressure to push your experience over the edge.

The J-375™️ hot tub will have you forgetting the stress of your day moments after sinking into its warm embrace.

huge hot tubs - a jacuzzi hot tub in a backyard with hanging lights

Large Hot Tubs in The J-200™️ Collection

This recently updated line offers a range of hot tubs that boast elegant low-profile designs for easy access, and modern cabinetry to elevate your backyard aesthetic.

Featuring more simplistic designs while maintaining the same quality you’ve come to expect from this brand, the J-200™️ Collection is overflowing with classic models that effortlessly meet your every need.

Let’s explore two family-friendly models from this collection.

J-285™️ Hot Tub

With enough room for seven, the J-285™️ model offers a spacious interior with an open seating plan.

Enjoy a different massage every day of the week, with each seat offering a different pattern of jets, all while you treat weary feet to a powerful massage from any seat with the jetted dome in the footwell.

Outfitted with ProClassic™️ Filtration and the CLEARRAY®️ UV-C System, keeping your water sparkling clean will be a breeze, with maintenance becoming ultra-simplistic.

Banish stress as you settle into the stress relief seat featuring a pattern of jets to ease your aching neck, shoulders, and back, or lean back and enjoy a full-coverage massage in the seat opposite.

No matter your desire, the J-285™️ model is sure to please.

J-275™️ Model

For a classic model paired with lounge seating, look no further than the J-275™️ hot tub.

Whether you’re escaping for a moment of quiet relief or are spending some much-needed time with your loved ones, this model can do it all.

Lean back and enjoy a full-body massage as powerful jets target your neck, shoulders, back and calves, leaving you feeling completely rejuvenated.

Did you wake up only to discover your back protesting as you climbed out of bed?

Step into the warm embrace of your spa and settle into the full-coverage back seat, breathing a sigh of relief as the deep pressure massage eases the pain.

Transform your daily routine and find relief in every muscle with the flexibility offered in the J-275™️ hot tub.

largest hot tubs in the Jacuzzi®️ Play Collection

The Largest Hot Tubs in The Jacuzzi®️ Play™️ Collection

If you’re looking for an ultra-affordable hot tub that still offers a premium experience, the Play™️ Collection was made for you!

This collection provides the same luxury experience this brand is known for at a budget-friendly price point, ensuring everyone can include hydrotherapy in their everyday life.

To bring this collection even further, every model included can be purchased with a Suite Package. This package amps up your spa with steps that include storage space, a handrail, and a cover lifter, all designed to seamlessly match the cabinet!

Let’s explore the two largest hot tubs offered in this collection.

The Soul™️ Model

Jumping right into the model with lounge seating, the Soul™️ hot tub has enough seating for six and offers five different hydromassage options.

While the lounger offers a shoulder-to-toe massage, the two corner seats across the spa offer two different types of massages, each fit to ease back pain no matter where it lingers.

Featuring an asymmetrical jetted dome in the footwell, you can enjoy a soothing foot massage from either corner, as you unwind in the swirling water.

For ease of use, this model offers the choice between two different power systems, with one being a 120V Plug n’ Play option for effortless installation.

While opting for the 240V model will require a dedicated electrical connection be installed by a professional electrician, the 120V model can be plugged directly into a standard outlet!

From lounging to socializing, the Soul™️ hot tub truly provides affordable luxury with ample flexibility!

The Echo™️ Hot Tub

If you want to maintain the same affordability but would prefer a model with additional seating, look no further than the Echo™️ model!

This roomy hot tub offers an open seating plan with an unobstructed center, making it perfect for entertaining the kids 365 days a year.

With seven seats, the Echo™️ spa is perfect for sharing and even boasts a seat with jets strategically placed to massage your calves, so you’ll never have to forgo a full-body experience.

Also offering a choice between a 120V system and a 240V, this model gives you complete control over what you can expect without breaking the bank.

For affordable luxury that’s fit for the whole family, the Echo™️ hot tub should be top of mind!

Large Hot Tubs for Sale in Winnipeg and Brandon

Whether one of the above modes caught your eye, or you’re envisioning something different, the experts at Jacuzzi Hot Tubs of Manitoba are here to help.

With two showrooms in Winnipeg and one in Brandon, our friendly staff are just around the corner.

Visit your nearest location to discover your dream hot tub today or contact your team of experts to learn more.

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